Can Cranial Osteopathy Help Depression?

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Cranial osteopathy is one of the effective ways to treat depression. It also enhances the functioning of cranial nerves.

Depression is always related to one’s mental health. It is caused when the mind loses its normal functioning either due to low blood circulation in the brain or any cerebral nerve damage. Osteopathy helps in releasing the muscle stress around the brain and spinal cord. It also improves the flow of spinal fluid.

Cranial osteopathy helps in restoring the motor and sensory nerves essential for proper functioning of the brain. Motor and sensory nerves are important to transfer information from brain to different body parts and vice versa. If brain sends signals properly then this automatically cures depression. Cranial osteopathy also improves the blood circulation in cranial and spinal region.

In depression, generally the tissues of the brain get contracted, thus interfering with the normal work of the brain. It hampers the normal rhythmic motion of the brain by releasing neurotoxins. These neurotoxins suppress the expression of emotions. Cranial osteopathy helps to express your emotions, clean up the neurotoxins, thereby bringing back the rhythmic motion of the brain.

Cranial osteopathy completely relaxes the brain cells. Pressure is applied to the meninges present in the brain to make the flow of cerebrospinal fluid smoother. This rhythmic movement is essential to relax any stress and depression.

Cranial osteopathy improves the psychological and emotional condition of the person, thus reducing his depression level. In this therapy, pressure is imparted to align the dislocated bones of the brain. This enhances the ability to concentrate and focus. Depression is related to the cranial movement of the brain. This technique normalizes the cranial rotation of the brain, thus treating depression.

Cranial osteopathy also improves the flexibility of the cranial membrane which gets shrunk when a person undergoes depression and stress. This technique helps to restore the normal elasticity of the cranial membrane, thus the membrane regains its normal shape.

Unlike allopathy, cranial osteopathy treats the cause of depression rather than the symptoms. It also provides instant relief and calmness.

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