Can Massage Therapy Actually Reduce Stress?

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Swedish, hot stone, aromatherapy, deep tissue, shiatsu— the list of massage types is more than 100 strong! And while most good rub downs feel delightful, is getting a massage really worth the cash? It may well be - studies suggest massage therapy can be beneficial not only in reducing physical pain, but also for improving mood and fighting stress.

Massage Away the Pain — The Need-to-Know

Massage therapy is any treatment where a therapist (or masseuse) manipulates the body’s muscles and soft tissues to relieve pain or decrease stress. But all massage is not created equal! Strategies range from deep tissue (often called Swedish) massage to reflexology, where the therapist applies pressure to a specific point on the body in order to relieve pain.

And the list of ailments massage can be used to treat is just as long as the list of massage types. One recent study found that massage therapy can reduce pain, promote muscle relaxation, and improve both mood and sleep quality . Another study found that after subjects were massaged, the levels of cortisol (a hormone contributing to stress) in their saliva decreased . One study also found massage therapy’s pleasurable qualities can lead to recipients reporting a better body image, especially for women.

Worth Its Weight — Your Action Plan

Although massage therapy may be more expensive than a walk in the park or a bar of dark chocolate (don’t worry, everyone eats the whole thing sometimes), it’s possible the psychological benefits of massage therapy may far outweigh its heftier price tag.

But while the majority of massage side effects are stress-relieving and positive, there are a few concerns to consider before diving into deep tissue. Not just anyone can give a true therapeutic massage, so make sure to seek the services of a trained massage therapist. And while it's normal to feel a little sore the day after many types of massage, it should never be painful or uncomfortable, so communication with the therapist is key.

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