Do Osteopaths Treat Low Back Pain?

Yes, Osteopaths do treat low back pain.

What Causes Low Back Pain?

There are many causes of low back pain. Most often, a chronic muscular imbalance has allowed the lower vertebrate to twist and bend out of place, stretching and compressing low back tissues. Sometimes a nerve is even compressed and results in the sensation of shooting pains down the leg.

How Do Osteopath Treat Low Back Pain?

Osteopaths look for the root cause of low back pain and correct it. Often this means gently re-aligning the vertebrae in the low back, re-balancing the muscles of the hips and correcting any other contributing factors throughout the body. We may also encourage behaviours that promote low-back health, such as walking and other light activities, and avoiding overly sedentary living.

What Else Can I Do To Relieve Low Back Pain?

Depending on the cause of the irritation, here are some things you can try:

Strengthening Your Back - 80% of back pain can be improved by strengthening your back. Look up back and core body exercises online. The emphasis is to stay light - keep the challenge level only easy to moderate. It is better to work up slowly than to risk overdoing it.

Stretching Your Back - Light stretching can be enough to ease pain and tension. Try sitting in a chair, bending forward at the hips and letting your torso rest on your thighs. This can be a safe way to put a gentle stretch into your low back.

Walking - Our body is a walking machine. Walking promotes the development of balanced musculature in the low back, hips and legs.

Visit Your Local Osteopath - Of course, when self-remediation techniques do not work, serious relief is just a phone call and a few steps away.

To learn more or to get in contact with an osteopathic manual therapist, visit our Osteopathy page.

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