Massage For Asthma

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Massage therapy for asthma should put your mind at ease and give you a sigh of relief. With this type of therapy, you can relax your muscles and open up your lungs.

For some asthma sufferers, stress and anxiety can cause the body to react as though it is under attack. In this type of situation, stress is treated like an allergen and it causes bronchospasm, constricted airways and difficulty breathing. Eventually this causes breathing problems that worsen over time.

Massage therapy is a treatment that involves maneuvering the muscles of the body with pressure to relieving stress and anxiety.

Massage Therapy For Asthma Can Relax Your Lungs

Massage therapy for asthma provides a solution by relaxing away the stress and tension that can contribute to an attack. Because stress can disturb the normal functions of the body, asthmatics should find a way to bring the body into balance.

Touch therapy represents a holistic approach to remove stress and tension. It can help an asthmatic by improving circulation, relaxing muscles, and enhancing breathing. And the best part is that you don’t have to ingest chemicals or drugs to receive the benefits.

Massage For Asthma As An Alternative Treatment

Massage therapy is the practice of applying therapeutic pressure to the soft tissues of the body, including muscles, connective tissue, and joints. Massage for asthma not only helps to treat the symptoms, but it also improves circulatory, muscular and nervous systems.

Since asthma is a chronic medical condition, this type of treatment should be done under the guidance of your asthma doctor. He or she can give tell you if this type of therapy is appropriate for symptoms. If your wheezing is too severe, then you might need additional preventative medication to stop future episodes.

The Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Asthma

The goals of massage are to remove the substances that contribute to asthma attacks. While cold, dry air causes the bronchospasms and airway constriction that occur during an attack, Touch treatments can help to decrease symptoms. They provide warmth through friction and relax tension from muscles. It also serves to decrease the production of mucous in the lungs and improve breathing.

For some people, when the effects of cold air asthma are lasting, a warm relaxing massage can also help resolve the situation. Because the massage is relaxing, it loosens the muscles of the lungs. A deep massage in warm, temperate air will not only relax the body's response, but also soothe the sufferer mentally.

Is Massage Therapy For Asthma Right For You?

Learning about touch therapy will arm you with the tools to manage your asthma symptoms. Touch treatments can help asthmatics because they relax the body and mind, reduce tension and anxiety, and consequently improve circulation and breathing. You can use a peak flow meter to determine if massage treatments actually works for you.

Touch therapy is far less invasive than prescribed drugs or other form of medical treatment. If you want to know if Touch therapy can work for you for the long term, look at your symptoms after a Touch. Reduced wheezing or breathlessness is a good indicator that it does work.

How To Introduce Massage Into Your Asthma Treatment

As with any treatment, touch therapy for asthma can be included into your action plan. But it should be closely monitored to determine its effectiveness. With the right practitioner, massage treatments can be performed to different parts of the body or the whole body.

It can relieve stress and tension, control pain, improve circulation and enhance breathing. A peak flow can measure the power of your lungs to see if it improves with treatments. It may beneficial to write peak flow readings and your symptoms in an asthma journal.

Presently, there are safe, natural treatments that you can use to decrease or eliminate your asthma symptoms. So you don’t have to suffer in silence. Massage therapy for asthma may be the key to naturally relieving you from your troublesome symptoms.

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