Massage For Hip Pain

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If you are searching for hip pain massage in Redding Ca hopefully my page will help you understand the benefits of receiving massage for your hip pain.

Please be aware that sometimes when it comes to pain in the hip, that more than one massage is required. Yes, sometimes the pain in the hip(and surrounding areas) can be relieved in one session.

Sometimes hip pain requires a few massage sessions so that the we can figure out what is going on in the dynamics of your body and pain.

In all my years of massage practice I have seen how debilitating pain in the hip or hips can be for people. In my massage sessions I do my best to help you get the relief for hip pain you are looking for as quickly as possible, but sometimes it takes a few sessions to unwind what is happening in the hip and/or surrounding areas.

To understand that, keep reading to find out some of the reasons that can cause hip pain and soreness.

Common Causes Of Hip Pain, Hip Tightness and Soreness

There are many reasons that someone could be experiencing hip pain and tightness and needing a massage for that. When someones comes to me for massage for hip pain, we talk about their medical history and life style choices that could have affected their body and thus causing the pain in their hip(or hips). This helps me decide the best massage treatment plan, and the best massage for their hip pain. It also helps me develop a self care plan for helping them at home with keeping their body in the best shape possible.

Some of the reasons hip pain happens in the body:

  • Injury - This could be direct injury to a hip muscle or direct injury to muscles and ligaments that surround the hip.
  • Tight hamstring muscles - These muscles run down the back of your thigh and when chronically tight can pull on the pelvis and hips and can cause pain.
  • Tight butt muscles - Like the hamstrings, tight butt muscles(glutes) can pull on the hip causing pain.
  • Tight hip flexor muscles - These muscles are often overlooked by many massage therapists, but tight hip flexors(part of the core muscle group) can be a big reason why hips and low backs are tight and sore.
  • Tight IT band -That's the connective tissue that runs along the sides of your thighs. It's not a muscle. It's connective tissue so it require a specific type of massage called myofascial release.
  • Weak muscles - Weak muscles around the hip joint can cause the joint to be chronically inflamed and can cause sprain or dislocation of the hip joint.
  • Lack of proper sitting or improper exercise -If you are constantly torquing your hips or lower body when sitting or exercising this can cause chronic hip pain.
  • Hip sprain -The ligaments and tendon's around the hip joint can become strained.
  • Hip dislocation -When the ligaments are strained so much that the hip comes out of the socket. Sometimes massage is contraindicated(not advised) until the hip joint is put back into place by a trained professional(doctor or chiropractor or osteopath).
  • Ruptured or herniated discs in the spine - These can cause referral pain into the hips.
  • Chronic inflammation - From diet, arthritis, infection, bursitis or something else that is causing irritation and inflammation in the hip area.
  • Residual effects from hip surgery - If the hip isn't healing properly from hip surgery then pain can be a symptom of that.

*Sometimes the actual problem is not really in your hip even though you think it is. Sometimes it's in another area of the body and the pain is referring to the hip. This is why having a skilled massage therapist is important so that he or she knows the ergonomics of the body and how referral pain works.

Plus it's important to sometimes use different types of massage of hip pain. Read more about that below.

Types Of Massage For Hip Pain

Types of massage for hip pain vary depending on what is going on with the hip and surrounding areas of the hip.

Some people who have a lot of pain in their hips think deep tissue massage is the best massage for hip pain . Deep tissue massage can sometimes work, but if there is a problem with a weak sacroiliac joint then releasing tight muscles around the joint can be counter productive. Because those tight muscles are protecting the hip joint.

Some beneficial massage techniques for pain in the hip:
  • Trigger point therapy - Helps relieve tight knots in hip muscles and surrounding muscles around the hip.
  • Myofascial release - Helps relieve bound up connective tissue that surrounds muscles that causes them to be overly contracted.
  • Deep tissue massage - Can be good for deep muscle relief of tight muscles too.
  • Thai massage - Massage combined with stretching out tight muscles.
  • Lympatic drainage massage - This is a gentle massage that stimulates the lymph flow in the body and can decrease inflammation in the hip and surrounding areas.
  • Craniosacral therapy - This is another gentle massage can bring a hip joint back into alignment and relieve pain in a calm and non-stressful way to the body and sometimes that is what is needed in hip pain.

It is important to have good communication, understanding of techniques and skilled hands in understanding the best type of massage for hip pain. Many times it is a case by case basis and even a session by session basis.

Massage is not the only practice that is needed for hip pain. Self care is super important when dealing with pain and hip dysfunction.

Best Self Care Practices For Hip Pain

Massage can be super beneficial for hip pain but is not the only tool that is needed in dealing with hip pain, hip tightness and soreness. Many times in my massage practice I give clients self care homework to do for helping with their body. The self care exercises and homework I give are unique to each client and what is going on with their hip pain.

Common self care practices I have recommended for hip pain:
  • Hip flexor stretches
  • Gluteal or butt muscles stretches
  • Hamstring stretches
  • IT band rolling-Using a foam roller to role out a tight IT band(connective tissue)
  • Core muscle exercises
  • Butt muscle strengthening exercises
  • Epsom salt baths-Helps with inflammation
  • Dietary detoxing-Also helps with inflammation
  • Chiropratic or osteopathic care- Sometimes if a hip joint is out of alignment then a trip to the chiropractor or osteopath can put it back in.
  • Physical therapy- Physical therapists can help you with hip pain by teaching you exercises that can help strengthen the areas around your hip that may or may not be causing you pain.
  • Exercise Therapy- Having strong muscles around the hip(butts, thighs, hamstrings, core) are super important to keeping your hips(and you) healthy and happy.

Hopefully my page has helped you understand the many reasons that can cause or aggravate hip pain and why more than hip pain massage is sometimes needed for relief of painful hip conditions. Either way, may you find what you are looking for in relief of your pain whether it be massage for hip pain or some other healing modality.

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