Massage Therapy for Children and Teens

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Touch is the first sense to develop in humans. It is essential to our health and well-being.

Registered Massage Therapy benefits all age groups and individuals of different conditions.

Many kids experience growing pains, injuries from sports, even stress. Stress is often stored as tension in the body. If your child is suffering from physical discomfort or emotional stress book a Registered Massage Therapy session for them.

Therapeutic Massage is a wonderful stress-buster for children just as it is for adults. Common stresses for kids are; too much on their plate, parents in poor relationships, parents leaving, anxiety, sibling demands, homework, nightmares, loss of a family member, fear of death and so on.

As for children’s behavioural response to Registered Massage Therapy, they are happier, in a better mood and most children report that they sleep better too. Children appear more relaxed, calm and oftentimes fall asleep during massage. Also, children who learn healthy views of touch and are provided with positive tactile experience by their caregivers are more likely to grow up to be adults with healthy self-esteem, a sense of appropriate boundaries and long-lasting intimate relationships.

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