Osteopathy For Athletes

  This article was originally published by HealthyByNatureCalgary.ca.

Did you know that athletes around the world–including Canadians–have Osteopaths following them?

But don’t worry: you don’t have to be a pro to benefit from Osteopathy: sports at any level are very demanding for the body, and any restriction of mobility of the joints, muscles, ligaments, and viscera can interfere. It will manifest differently for every athlete from a muscle spasm, to tendinitis, or having an impact on their performance.

Some factors will also play a role in their injuries and will make injuries more likely to happen:

  • Impact sports
  • Fast changes of directions
  • Quick take off
  • Sports that require endurance, that need to be efficient mechanically and energetically, are also demanding for the body.

Osteopathy will allow you to:

  • Prevent some injuries, if you follow up with your Osteopathic therapist throughout the season to ensure your body stays in good shape.
  • Prepare your body for exercises (increase the muscular power, the range of motion of the joints, increase flexibility, and respiratory capacities) by treating the imbalances, which will boost your performance.
  • Release pain and help recovery after fractures, sprains, surgery, or traumas.
  • Lots of people underestimate the importance of a slow gradual reintroduction back to their activity, which can lead to a recurrence of the first injury, or a new injury. An Osteopathic manual therapist will help your body to recover faster, and help with a plan to get back into your sport.

  • After a trauma or fall, the earlier you can see your osteopath, the better, so that your body doesn’t overcompensate in different parts and cause even more problems later on.

    Kids are also involved in many activities. We can help their body grow and perform well at the same time, which will allow them to follow their passion all the way into adulthood.

    Q: Should I come right before my competition?
    A: Ideally, you want to give your body two to three days before the competition in order to let your body get used to its new state of balance.

    Q: Can I practice my sport right after the appointment?
    A: For the same reason mentioned above, you want to give your body at least a day to get used to its new balance and mobility.

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